Bogdan Dyulgerov 

Bogdan Dyulgerov was born in 1965 in the town of Sliven Bulgaria. In 1989 he has graduated from the Medical College in Varna as a Dental Technologist. Since then Bogdan has actively been practicing his profession. Bogdan Dyulgerov has been painting since childhood. His interest in sculpture began during his high school years. His first bronze sculptures were cast while he was a student in the Medical College. Since 2008 Bogdan Dyulgerov has been living and working in Malta.

"I believe emotions are the foundation of art. Through different styles of art, the artists affect the emotions of the audience in specific ways. Abstract painting gives me unlimited freedom to create my own language of symbols and forms. The feeling is like a jazz musician during improvisation, I let my imagination compose on top of the canvas until it reverberates with beautiful music. I strive to create music for the eyes."

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